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Neodymium Magnets are sought out for applications where higher magnetic strength is required or where weight or size is critical. Learn more. Grade N42 1/4x1/2 Inch RARE Earth Neodymium Disc Photo Craft Magnet. (1). $ New · 20 Strong 1x1/2x1/4 Inch Grade N42 RARE Earth Neodymium Block. Fishing Magnet Up to LB, Powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet with Lifting Eye-Bolt Ideal for Retrieving in Lake, Fishing Magnet Super Strong Retrieving. These extremely powerful neodymium magnet are to be used with our magnetic acrylic calendars. They are sold in sets of 10 magnets. Magnets are approximately. Price Range: $ - $ Neodymium magnets are the world's strongest magnets. All magnets are not created equal! Applied Magnets offers the highest quality.

Neodymium Magnet is one of the world's strongest and most powerful rare earth neodymium magnets. Stanford Magnets offers super strong neodymium magnets. Disc Magnet (Pack). Rare Earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet currently made. They are amazingly powerful for their size and have. Neodymium (also known as "NdFeb", "NIB" or "Neo") disc magnets are the most powerful rare-earth magnets available today. Shop for Strong Neodymium at Save money. Live better. Physical and mechanical properties edit ; Compressive strength (N/mm2), –, – ; Tensile strength (N/mm2), 80–90, 35–40 ; Vickers hardness (HV), –. Strong rare earth magnets with adhesive are best used for attaching magnets to everything from paper and cardboard in scrapbook projects and premium corrugated. With these 15 neodymium super magnets you can prepare yourself for the world of strong magnets. Make your first attempts with these magnets, which have no place. All Neodymium Magnets can be shipped to you at home. Related Searches. magnetic door catch · strong magnets · neodymium magnets · magnetic.

The magnetic energy product (BH)max of neodymium magnets is more than 10 times that of ferrites, and it can suck substances more than times their own weight. Neodymium Magnets (NdFeB) are strong permanent magnets with extremely high magnetic properties for industrial, commercial & technical applications. Our neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets available in discs, blocks, spheres, and trapezoid shapes, countersunk holes for screw fixing and with 3M. Neodymium N52 Industrial Magnets. Shop by Brand. Unbranded. Neodymium. CMS Magnetics. Best Selling. Fishing Magnets lbs Pull Force Strong Retrieval. All our magnets are extremely powerful high grade Neodymium, grade N42 or higher. They are a lot stronger than normal Neodymium rare earth magnets (N Some customers mistakenly specify N52 neodymium magnets based solely on the material's high energy product. They may assume a stronger magnet grade will yield. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets commercially available today. We offer licensed, rare-earth neodymium magnets at bulk discounted. Strong Neodymium ring magnets, versatile and allow for smaller designs They work well as speaker magnets, holding magnets, and more. Fishing Magnet Up to LB, Powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet with Lifting Eye-Bolt Ideal for Retrieving in Lake, Fishing Magnet Super Strong Retrieving.

LOVIMAG neodymium magnets are made of strongest magnetic material! The holding power of magnsts is not less than 12 lb with direct touch and direct pull. Strong neodymium magnets are excellent for whiteboards, refrigerators, and craft projects. Check out our yellow magnet pins. If you've never handled neodymium magnets before, you will be amazed at their strength. Neodymium magnets are over 10x stronger than the strongest ceramic. Let's dive in a little deeper and learn more about these exceedingly strong magnets and how they can be used. What Are Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets? These are.

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